Welcome to Top Polymer!
Top Polymer Enterprise is a leading manufacturer in the industry of thermoplastic elastomers. We provide the best TPE solutions in regard of our customers’ needs and applications along with full services.
Established in 2004, Top Polymer is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and innovating high-quality thermoplastic elastomers. Currently, there are two manufactories in Guangdong and Jiangsu, China with main products including TPS, TPV, TPU, TPC (TPEE), etc. Our products are widely applied in various markets including transportation, consumer, electrical & electronics, building & construction, packaging, industrial, medical, textile, etc.
We care about customers’ needs. With professional products and services, Top Polymer is dedicated to creating more value for customers.
We care about employees. Top Polymer provides innovative & humanized platform and broad career development opportunities for employees to realize their professional ideals from within.
We care about social responsibility and social values. Corporate social responsibility is implemented in the company’s operations. Top Polymer is dedicated to the development of entire supply chain, and willing to cooperate with competitive suppliers to create higher values for customers.
Top Polymer helps you push boundaries of imagination for design, and provides infinite possibilities for comfortable, fashionable, safe and performance products.