We don’t only focus on development and improvement of ourselves but also the development of entire TPE industry.
We implement corporate social responsibilities in our operations, contributing to society proactively.
We provide and secure careers for employees that motivate their potential and creativity.
We care about environmental protection to save energy; we keep improving production procedures to make them more efficient.
We make eco-friendly and recyclable products. We will also be using recyclable packaging, putting less pressure on the environment.
We have a strict safety regulation process in place to secure production safety and a good working environment for our employees.
Innovation is the main power behind sustainable development. We build State-of-the-Art laboratories equipped with advanced testing devices to provide innovative and competitive support for research and development.  We recruit, support and motivate talents through their career development to form the most innovative team and bring new energy to the industry.


We respect honesty.
We encourage communication.
We embrace diversities.

We are dedicated to making every single pellet of product great.
We are dedicated to manufacturing safely and efficiently.
We are dedicated to developing talents with potentials.
We are dedicated to creating values for customers.